Secret Santa Things YAY

Yaaaay more Secret Santa things!

We're beginning to send out messages for your Secret Santa, so don't forget to check your inboxes for new and exciting things!

Just to elaborate on stuff on the email:
- If you decide you don't have enough time to get your presents uploaded or done (and we hope you don't :( ), let us know by December 20th at the very latest! That way, we can get a cover so your giftee can still get a present!

- Please try to upload your gifts from December 20-25th! You can totally finish your entries before then, but getting a present sometime near Christmastime makes it all the more special!

- The hints are exactly that: hints! You don't have to sing what they ask for if you feel you can give them something even more awesome, but if you're stuck, that's what they're there for~

- Don't forget to message your giftee with your gift so they know they got one! (don't forget to message me and kenta too-- we'd love to keep a list of them so we can all look back and reminisce happily. 8'D)

Aaaaaand that's it! Have fun, children! Message me (vamong) or Kenta (kentamidorin) on YT if you guys have any other questions~
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Secret Santa 2011~

Guys, this is only November why are you--

QUIET CHILDREN, better to be early than to be ridiculously late!

Alright, some people on Twitter (I think Kenta started it) were talking about making a Secret Santa Exchange, except there was a little problem that no one was exactly sure how a Secret Santa worked. Therefore, the faaabulous Kenta and I have joined forces so try and organise one and stuff, yay!

But mooong idek how secret santa works
We're getting there, kiddo. Of course, it works differently IRL but here's the funky modern internet-way we can try out~

- Everyone who wants to be in signs up
- Very soon after that we'll send you a message/email/something with a person's name (randomised from whoever signed up) on it. You are now that person's Secret Santa!
- Now, being a Secret Santa, you have to think of what song you'd think your recipient would like you to sing and sing it with all your heart and soul!
- And get it in by a deadline (we'll let you know later). Remember to keep it a secret!
- And when it nears Christmas, fantabulous Kenta and I will release the songs in batches so everyone gets something at Christmas!

SOUNDS FUN but it sounds like there'll be wank--
Silly children, wank can be easily avoided. Everyone just needs to be:

- Be courteous, even if they don't like their gift (It's a gift guys, you should be happy! Think of all the time your SS has put into it for you!)
- Not emo if they don't get someone they want (Celebrate the gift of giving!)
- Not a troll unless you are 100% sure that person would not mind it if you trolled them (99.9%? NOT ENOUGH.)
- Timely and get entries in on time! (You will have loads of time, it's November atm)
- Good at keeping secrets! Okay, I guess if you really wanted to spill the beans, you could, but where's the fun in that?

Okay sweet I want to sign up now

Signing up:
Message the following to Kenta's YT Account (kentamidorin) by 13th November 11:59PM:
- Your name
- Your YT Account for singing/stalking/whatever
- However you want to be contacted about your Secret Santa (email, YT message ETC)
- A little hint for a gift for your future Secret Santa! (because we're not all good at stalking. And little means little, guys, nothing overly detailed 8'D)

Thanks! I think I'm Set to Go!
That you are! What are you waiting for, SIGN UP NOW 8D
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Hey there~! I figured I should probably using this blog for something, hahaa. So I guess I could link the group cover I just finished with a few of my friends! *A*

This thing pretty much came into being because uh, we all love Inazuma Eleven with a ~burning passion~ (which was Ciel's doing, she single-handedly convinced us all to watch it). 8D Also because Chii wanted to hear the people in this cover a Hello!Project song. And so now it's done, yay! I did not now how high H!P songs were until I had to record for this. /tears

In other random sports-anime-related news, I had forgotten how much I liked Tenipuri. I remember now. I REMEMBER NOW. s-sengokuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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It's been a while since I got a blog and then suddenly I felt like a blogging. So because I'm a fickle person I opened up a new blog, wahey! (Also because my other blog is personal and full of Real Life Things that are hiding somewhere in obscurity t-thank goodness.)

But yeah, I'll be writing in here now! Hopefully I'll remember I own a blog and update it once in a while. 8D
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